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Wed Nov 6 22:07:33 MST 2002

Here is yet another example of the reactionary character of
the Australian Labor Party (is this empirical enough, Bob


Labor and Liberal join forces to crack down on free speech.

[Greens] Senator Kerry Nettle has condemned moves by NSW
Police Minister, Michael Costa, and federal Justice
Minister, Chris Ellison, to introduce new laws to ban
protest websites.

"There are serious issues around criminal use of the
internet, I'd advise Mr Costa and Ellison to concentrate on
these rather than demonising peaceful protesters concerned
about the damaging policies of the WTO." Senator Nettle

"The Australian Broadcasting Authority already has the
powers to block criminal websites, and just this week has
declined to block the WTO site that so concern Mr Costa.

"Mr Costa is now trying to enlisted federal Liberal support
in his campaign to get tough on peaceful protesters.

"The Federal Government has introduced a raft of laws that
impinge on civil liberties over recent months. The Greens
have opposed these repressive steps and will oppose any
moves that unnecessarily restrict freedom of speech.

"We've seen the extent to which both Labor and Liberal are
prepared to support censorship where it suits their
political purposes, most recently when a Greens's motion to
condemn the Chinese censorship of the ABC website was
defeated in the Senate.

'The Greens have a proud tradition of participation in
peaceful protest and support of civil liberties including
freedom of expression."

The Greens will act in the Senate to prevent any new laws
that attack rights of freedom of expression, or seek to
outlaw the democratic rights of demonstration and dissent.

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