Why antiwar fighters should not be fazed by election results

Jon Flanders Jon_Flanders at compuserve.com
Thu Nov 7 08:42:14 MST 2002

 It is quite true that in essence there was no "mandate" in this election. But in the
looking glass world of US politics, the 5-4 "victory" Bush managed in
the Supreme court was a "mandate" as far as his clique was concerned.
The Democrats rolled over as if it was, most notably in the tax cut

The corporate media will lay down a barrage of propaganda proclaiming a
great shift towards the Bush agenda.

So with this election we can expect a torrent of assaults on working
people.  I found the mood in the labor council meeting I attended
yesterday summed up by one member indicative. "Look around this room,
these are the only friends you really have."

Jon Flanders

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