Call for a NorthLand Anti-War Coalition (WWP/IAC/ANSWER take note...)

Derek S. derektheredrebel at
Thu Nov 7 09:12:10 MST 2002

Here is the call we're now putting out to everyone
across the Northland following our Oct 25th success.
It sure would be great if ANSWER would try to do the


A call to all anti-war activists in the Northland

With the Bush administration continuing to threaten
war with Iraq, we feel that now more than ever
anti-war and progressive activists in this region need
to come together in a common organizational framework
to ensure that we can mobilize the maximum number of
people against this war.  We also recognize that the
current anti-war and peace movements are very diverse
in their focuses, history and modes of functioning.
We recognize and accept this diversity.  We see
nothing wrong with the existence of groups that want
to focus primarily on doing anti-war work on the
campuses, or in the labor movement, or through letter
writing, the electoral arena, in a religious manner,
through civil disobedience or differing personal forms
of protest.  However, we feel there is a need for an
anti-war coalition that can bring together all of
these different groups and tendencies for the purpose
of organizing mass action type protests.

The demonstrations and other actions that have been
organized thus far have been very encouraging, but we
feel that much more is possible if existing groups can
establish a coalition to share in the work.  The
coalition we are proposing, the Northland Anti-War
Coalition (NAWC) would serve simply as a united front
of existing organizations and individual activists
that would call and organize demonstrations.  It would
not be a substitute for the existing groups and their
particular focuses.  In other words, it would not be
an organization that would take a position on
candidates, civil disobedience, etc., but would simply
serve as a clearing house for marches and rallies,
leaving the other forms of protest and organizing to
the existing groups who believe in those approaches.

We propose that NAWC be set up initially on an ah hoc,
or temporary, basis to plan and organize the proposed
January 25 regional anti-war rally in Duluth that
Students Against War has called.  Following the
January 25 action, if we draw a positive balance sheet
from the experience, we propose that NAWC become a
permanent body and that it begin planning subsequent
anti-war actions.

We propose that NAWC be set up with an explicitly
non-exclusionary policy – meaning that any group that
opposes U.S. war with Iraq be welcome to participate,
regardless of its views on other issues.  We propose
that NAWC be run with a simple majority rule decision
making process, and that at its planning meetings each
person, regardless of their affiliations, get one

We hope you agree with us and see the need for such a
coalition.  If you or your organization has any
questions or concerns with this call, feel free to
contact Students Against War by calling Adam at (715)

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