fresh developments in Australian unity debates

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Thu Nov 7 18:28:25 MST 2002

David Murray wrote:
As to your point about the SP. It is actually much larger than
its two previous highs, from when the Militant lead the High
School Students Union in the late 1980's and the mistaken
regroupment phase from 1996. And since starting to stand in
elections, has been wiping the floor with the DSP, SA and PLP
electorally. The fact that we are growing despite not being in
the 'organisational expression of left-unity' would not suggest
that we are isolated.

Ben writes:
If you are indeed larger, I hadn't realised. After the
CI/Solidarity/Militant merger in Melbourne, Militant claimed
around 70 members here. That's about twice the merging groups'
membership. At the time Militant made quite a lot of noise about
being the latest greatest thing (as of course we would have if we
had grown like that). Nowadays the SP in Melbourne has the
unfortunate reputation of being the "Skinheads Party" on account
of the half-dozen young SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice type
people who make up the SP's main public face at demos etc. hence
my impression that you were very small.
re SP's electoral success: Steve Jolly did brilliantly in the
1999(98?) Victorian election, around 13% in Richmond. But bear in
mind that the PLP got 8% in one seat and the DSP got 5% in
another at the same time: the Greens and Democrats weren't
running so the left got all the non-major party vote.
But good luck anyway! At this point all left results, even the
Greens, are a great step forward as they help break the ALP-Lib
Ben Courtice

PS what happened to the AustralianSocialistYouth yahoo group that
you moderated? I was going to re-join and see what was happening
but I couldn't find it.

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