Party Time (WAS--Re: Why antiwar fighters...)

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Nov 8 02:37:29 MST 2002

I am wondering what we might agree were the best features of various
Marxist parties and tendencies of the 20th century?
Some were very good at some things and abysmal at others.
Such analysis may be useful.

What makes me think this is Lou P.'s defence of his party affiliation
and the palpable need for others to find a
party they can be a part of as active agents--as all part
of the recognized requirement of some social organization
committed to revolution, i.e., a party of individuals
dedicated to a common cause.

I feel, from reading Lou's expressions on this list, that
he joined his party becaue he thought it held some promise.
And, like any of us, would join a different party if it
showed more promise. But some party is required.
We can criticize, and we should!-- but we must also act.
What is best?

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