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Publication Date: 05 November 2002
Belfast Telegraph
Sinn Fein 'enemy of US interests'

By Sean O'Driscoll in Washington and Chris Thornton

A SENIOR American military adviser has called Sinn Fein "an enemy of United
States interests" as Gerry Adams departed today for a US tour.

Richard Perle, the chairman of the Pentagon's Defence Policy Board, made his
comments in response to a UUP campaign highlighting a Sinn Fein call for a
ban on US warplanes refuelling in Ireland.

"I think most people know they are against US interests, as the IRA are
hiring themselves out to any anti-American terrorists who pay them," Mr
Perle said.

His comments showed the pending trial of three IRA suspects in Colombia
continues to have an impact on the thinking of senior administration figures
in Washington.

They came as Mr Adams was heading to a Washington meeting with President
George Bush's special envoy on Northern Ireland, Ambassador Richard Haass.

Mr Adams said he would highlight the need for a speedy recovery in the peace
process by restoring the Stormont administration.

"We will be saying that the vacuum which has been created should not be
allowed to be protracted," Mr Adams said.

"The vacuum is there because the anchor of the political institutions had
been removed.

"That was a mistake and having accepted that, we now have to rectify that

Mr Adams will also be attending fundraising functions for Sinn Fein in the
New York area and Canada.

The main event will be a $500 a plate dinner in New York City later this
week. He will follow that with visits to New Jersey, as a guest of Governor
James McGreevy, Montreal and Toronto.

Meanwhile, campaigners for the Colombia trio - Niall Connolly, Martin
McCauley and Jim Monaghan - said they have been moved to a "notorious" jail
in Bogota without warning.

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