Party Time (WAS--Re: Why antiwar fighters...)

Mike Ballard swillsqueal at
Fri Nov 8 12:09:31 MST 2002

--- Chris Brady <cdbrady at> wrote:
> We can criticize, and we should!-- but we must also
> act.
> What is best?

Try to keep in mind that while a party may find itself
capable of seizing State power, it is the workers who
must consciously act as a class to make the revolution
for themselves, a revolution which would have the
strategic goal of abolishing the wages system, social
ownership of the producive apparatus under grassroots,
democratic control and the administration of goods and
services produced on the basis of use and need i.e.
ending commodity production.

"Man first begins to philosophize when the necessitites of life are supplied."  Aristotle

"determinatio est negatio"  Spinoza

"There are no ordinary cats."  Colette

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