"Florida Finds 103,000 'Lost' Votes": Couldn't be!

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Fri Nov 8 13:58:49 MST 2002

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Subject: "Florida Finds 103,000 'Lost' Votes": Couldn't be!

> Florida Finds 103,000 'Lost' Votes
> Thu Nov 7, 1:20 PM ET
> FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Reuters) - Just when Florida finally seemed to
> have carried out a flub-free election, supervisors in one county
> discovered they had failed to count more than 103,000 ballots in some
> tallies.

I thought at first those "lost" votes were from the presidential election.
If that'd  been the case, the news woulda been a hummer.

Cherie Pleau

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