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Fri Nov 8 17:06:10 MST 2002

> We are larger, as we recruited a large amount of people from
> the Woomera protests, while the DSP were in Sydney's eastern suburbs.
Western suburbs, actually, protesting outside the Villawood
detention centre. And at an international conference where we had
representatives from, for example, the MST of Brazil, and the
Communist Party of India - Marxist Leninist, which has more
members and mass following in one country than the entire world
Trotskyist movement (and including the DSP too if you like). It
was a shame we couldn't be at Woomera but trying to score points
like that is pretty cheap: it's not like we were hanging out in
trendy Bondi cafes or something.

> As to the skinhed allegations, I don't think we should exclude people for their > alleged skinheadedness, its my greatest political problem with the DSP, they try > to socially engineer people into a particular mould (ie. Middle class,  > Heterosexual [perhaps silent homosexuality], university educated, no vices other > than alcahol and tobacco, as well as their clothing, to look like modern day > neo-christians).
I've nothing against people shaving their heads (I do it), it's
only a minor issue of image OK? I get on fine with the SP SHARP
guys the few times I've met them, "thugs" or "drug pushers" I
would not call them.
As to that rubbish about the DSP, I'll treat it with as much
seriousness as I think being a skinhead is a problem. you're
obviously bitter about something? We don't "socially engineer"
people and have always had a large number of women leading, open
lesbians and gays, etc etc etc...

> Nah, I was also meaning the 32% we recieved in a by-election last year. Also the > melbourne council election where we almost recieved a seat, prevented mind you > by a sectarian Alliance candidate.
I hadn't heard of a 32% result. Who else stood in the by-election
(where was it?) Sounds good.
As to the "sectarian Alliance candidate" can you elaborate? I'm
not in the city of Melbourne and I'm not aware of this. Or was it
merely that we refused to stand aside for the SP?

> David Riley said:
> ...But a little badgering certainly least to save some outfits from
> themselves.

> Dave M says:
> And there we have it. From the horses mouth, the Dsps idea of socialist unity by > bullying and intimidation.

small correction: Dave Riley is no longer a member of the DSP,
although I believe he still supports the DSP politically. That
comment doesn't really represent the attitude of the DSP.

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