(fwd from Dave Riley) RE: DSP and Australian Socialist Alliance

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sat Nov 9 06:29:56 MST 2002

Steve Painter wrote:

"One long-standing DSP member, Dave Riley (now no longer a member), has just
put up a petulant piece on the Marxmail email discussion list appealing to
the radical public to sign petitions demanding that the ISO cease its
recalcitrance against the DSP's "reasonable" proposals, but that suggestion
seems unlikely to get much response outside the ranks of the DSP"

Durr...! Ain't I something: I can lay claim to  my own newsflash. Did it
also go out on CNN?

Sorry to  upset your analysis , Steve, but  I was being facetious.

I  support  the momentum for regroupment within the Socialist Alliance and I
don't have to apologise or defer to anyone for  my enthusiasm.
Since I don't have any axes to grind I can take each case  as I find it. If
Steve Painter wants to make more out of that approach then more fool him.

Dave Riley
dhell at optusnet.com.au

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