Hitch: What does he want? Vengeance! When does he want it?

Ethan Young ethanyoung at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 9 06:34:38 MST 2002

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Over the years Hitchens became a denizen of the Beltway wonk cocktail
circuit. There he found witty liberals, droll neocons and delightfully
erudite Hitlerians. Among these was his chum Barbara Olson, a leading
Borkite architect of the transformation of the federal judiciary into a
juggernaut of the counter-enlightenment.

On 9/11 this stalwart of Dred Scott jurisprudence went down in the third
hijacked airliner. And now they're going to pay. Every last one of them! For
England, Harry and Saint George!

ethan young

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