Chinese Conference on 21st Century Socialism

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Sat Nov 9 07:30:58 MST 2002

The Great October Revolution: the Dream Is Still Alive

-"The USSR was a fortiori doomed to downfall by Stalinism, which naturally
gave birth to Gorbachev."

"This conflicts with the facts, because the Stalin plan industrialized the
USSR, defeated mighty Germany, and rose from the ashes to become the most
powerful nation in the world!"

One could have the impression that the World Socialism in 21st Century
international symposium, which just concluded in Beijing, was devoted to the
85th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. In fact, the organizers
(Chinese Academy of Social Science and some research institutes for social
science) dated it for the 16th congress of Chinese Communist Party, which is
to be opened November 8. However, the issue of the Great October Revolution,
the Soviet Union, and the pros and cons of Stalin could not help being one
of the main subjects of the symposium.

The "instigator" of these discussions was Moscow Lomonosov University
Professor Alexandr Buzgalin (whose opinion is presented first), while
Sitaram Yechury from India raised an objection to him. In the discussion,
some of Chinese participants took the Busgalin's side.


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