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Dennis Bernstein interviews Dr. Parenti on Flashpoints, KPFA-Berkeley,

05:02 Dennis: war on Iraq seems like a foregone conclusion.. oil companies
salivating.. why Iraq, why now?.. now Michael Parenti, author of To Kill A
Nation and The Terrorism Trap..
Saddam was one of our boys.. put in place by the CIA to destroy
democracy in Iraq and attack Iran.. he was our boy.. then he raised prices..
the US oil boys don't have a drop of Iraq's oil.. if the US goes in, it will
be one of the biggest oil grab in history.. second reason: US to be the only
superpower, and no country goes it's own way.. before 1991, Iraq had the
highest standard of living in the Middle East.. had both oil and water..
Iraq could have emerged as regional power.. not to be permitted by US.. like
Yugoslavia.. everything privatized, everybody poor.. turning these countries
into little impoverished third world.. third reason: ^^^^^.. about depleted
uranium and high cancer rates.. another war on Iraq, who's going to be
killed?.. women, children, old men, grandmas, young women.. and there have
been bombings practically every week.. Bush has closer relations with the
bin Laden family than Saddam does.. the reasons that Bush is laying out are
not true.. another fact dropped down the memory hole: US gave biological and
chemical weaponry to Iraq.. US taxpayers paid for Saddam's buildup.. about
the totally fabricated story of 500 babies ripped off incubators during the
Iraq assault on Kuwait.. war is good for the economy.. auto accidents are
good for the economy, too, but.. there is no *rogue* state that has the
aggressive history of the US.. Dennis: US has even used nuclear weapons
against their own species.. Michael: Connie Chung asked a California
congressman, you mean you don't believe the president?.. like religious
faith.. we're supposed to put our faith in GW Bush?.. swallowing propaganda
like children.. the media is terrible on this issue.. they haven't reported
on the massive demonstrations in Europe.. or reported on protests here.. and
they haven't reported the facts we're talking about here.

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