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What an event! The globe's most communicative gorilla (not guerrilla)
actually has a meaningful thought!

Yes, stupid, the paradigm is the same between pre-Stalinist radicalism and
Wahhabism. In fact, apeboy, that's the subject of every one of my books:

SAILORS'S UNION OF THE PACIFIC: local radical tradition destroyed by Stalinism.

POUM (with Alba): attempt by latter to destroy former

STRANGE SILENCE/NICARAGUA: how assholes like you helped Stalinism strangle
the local revolution

CALIFORNIA, TWO FACES: you actually got it. Have an extra banana!

I think to be called a "most peculiar character" by a person who wants to
revive Cochranism is pretty funny. Your internet site is a zoo of poseurs
and losers with a couple of exceptions.

The claim I ever snitched on anyone is a typical Stalinist libel. If you
cry snitch, you have to produce someone who was snitched on or who at least
witnessed the snitching. There are no such because I have never snitched on
anybody, ridiculous charges to the contrary. In fact, I opposed any such
activity regarding the Central American thing in the U.S.

I had no idea Paul Flewers, who I thought was sane, cared about this
nonsense. Stan Woods is a psychopath who had the nice habit of leaving
bullets on the shelves of SWP bookstores.

I am no longer in the Bay Area. I am returning to Europe -- specifically to
the Netherlands, where I will write on and possibly testify before the
Dutch parliamentary inquiry on Srebrenica. Oh, yes, I will snitch on your
idol Milosevic's minions, if I get a chance.

Normal people would consider becoming a Sufi and defending Islam in the
U.S. right now to be pretty surrealistic and even, perhaps, an example of
internationalist solidarity with oppressed people. So maybe you changed and
I didn't...

Stephen Schwartz

(this was a correction sent in a subsequent email)

I meant: the paradigm between pre-Stalinist radicalism and traditional
Islam, Stalinism and Wahhabism...

Hey here's the kind of thing you learn when you are smart enough to read
real books: the murderous Stalinist faction in the Yugoslav CP in the 1930s
was nicknamed "the Wahhabis"!
Keep on keepin' on with Cochranism, Milosevic, and fake Indians!

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