National Youth and Student Day of Action -- November 20

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Sat Nov 9 19:02:15 MST 2002

This action is sponsored by the youth of  Not in Our Name.  I found out
about it at a meeting of leading NION activists, including several dozen
students (not all of them NION affiliated).  This meeting of more than 80
people was also attended by individuals and representatives of a number of
other organizations including the International Socialist Organization,
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Stand Up New York (for
Peace and Justice), and others.  Leslie Cagan was present as a leader of the
Pacifica Foundation and United for Peace, a group aiming to foster broad
coalition-building activity among antiwar activists and groups.  United for
Peace was held at a meeting held October 25 in Washington, DC.  NION is a
participant. At the conclusion of the meeting, the students present held a
meeting of their own which I, of course, did not attend. The call for the
national student action follows.
Fred Feldman

"We believe that as people living in the United States it is our
to resist the injustices done by our government, in our name"

 In this spirit, the Not In Our Name Project is calling for a National Day
of Youth & Student Action against the juggernaut of war and repression the
US government has unleashed on the world. On Wed, November 20th, thousands
of us must take history into our hands and do all we can to resist the
unjust, immoral, and illegitimate war that the U.S. government is planning
to unleash on the people of Iraq.  To go up against all this we need a
powerful movement of millions, refusing to let this war be waged in our
names, and determined to stop it from being waged at all.  Students have a
special role to play in all this - throughout history it is the youth who
have always been the first to step out there and build determined
resistance, inspiring and making room for others to act.

Our campuses and high schools must become CENTERS OF RESISTANCE!

As they proclaim to the world that the American people are united behind
this monstrous invasion of Iraq, and try to isolate and intimidate all those
who don't agree - we must fly GLOBE flags on our schools' flag poles - in
solidarity with the people of the world AND as a message to all those who
are looking to resist that they are not alone.  We must stage walkouts,
sit-ins and marches. We must hold teach ins, wear blue triangles in
solidarity with the immigrant communities that are being hit with round ups,
detentions and deportations. Assemblies and debates must be held in high
schools to question what is driving the government to be so hell bent on
invading Iraq. Students must demand that their schools NOT give over to the
FBI the information of international students. Youth must be taking the Not
In Our Name Pledge of Resistance everywhere to strengthen our resolve and
spread the Resistance.  We must create a situation so the millions of people
who don't like these war plans know they are not alone and are inspired to
join the Resistance.  The troops being hauled off to Iraq must question what
they're being told to do and not follow orders to massacre innocent people.

November 20th must be a big step toward making all this real.

We must do all this and more because we cannot go along with the 'new
normalcy' while the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis rest on the
whim of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. We must do this because:

·         A US invasion of Iraq will cause the deaths of many thousands of
Iraqi people, on top of the starvation, disease and death that US backed
sanctions and bombings have already inflicted on Iraq since the Persian Gulf

·         Bush's real aim in invading Iraq is to expand the US' global
domination and deliver a gangster style message to anyone anywhere in the
world that they better not even think about challenging the US strangle-hold
on wealth and power.

·         Thousands of immigrants have been subjected to interrogations and
hundreds have been rounded up, detained and deported for nothing more than
the color of their skin, the part of the world they come from or the
religion they practice.

·         Hard won civil liberties are being snatched back from the people
in this country as part of the "War on Terrorism."

·         If those dinosaurs in Washington have their way, our future will
be one unjust war after another and a police state clampdown for generations
to come.

The movement of Resistance to the war and the repression has taken giant
strides in the face of the beating drums of war.  On Oct. 6th, 100,000
people came together in cities across the US, and together took the Not In
Our Name Pledge of Resistance against the whole steamroller of war and
repression. On Oct 26th, 200,000 people marched in DC, San Francisco and
other cities in opposition to a US invasion of Iraq.  This movement must
continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Bush has arrogantly declared that he will stop at nothing to rain death and
destruction on Iraq. Most of the Democrats in Congress rolled over and
climbed aboard Bush's war wagon. If this invasion and the whole "War On
Terrorism" is going to be stopped, people like us have got to shoulder the
responsibility to stop it.

In the 60's it was the youth who spearheaded massive movements against the
Vietnam War and in the Black liberation struggle. Throughout history, it's
been young people who have sparked movements for justice and change. This is
the challenge our generation faces: to stand with the people of the world
and stop this war and repression.

We refuse to go forward shut-eye. These Asses Of Evil have a plan for our
generation--to send us off to be cannon fodder, spilling blood for oil and
global domination. They need the rest of us to follow in complicity like
faithful sheep. They would have us believe the lies that all this is being
done to protect people in this country and 'liberate' the people of Iraq.
They need our silence, demand our subservience, and are calling on our
generation to go off and fight their dirty wars against the people of the
world. We must shove this evil plan back down their throats. And rallying
large numbers of youth to act against the war and the repression will
represent a powerful advance towards doing just that.

We must be serious about this. We have to get people organizing for November
20th going from campus to campus, high-school to high-school, from city to
city spreading the word and enlisting more and more student organizations in
this effort.  If we succeed, we can bring into being a future far different
from the one Bush & Co. have in store for us.

Contact Not In Our Name and start organizing today!  As we go forward we
need to increase our capacity to organize nation-wide, to escalate and
spread the Resistance as they escalate their moves towards war and world
domination.  We need resources, financial donations, offices to work out of,
and students to volunteer to organize their campuses - as well as many to
reach out to other youth not yet hooked in.  Students should start thinking
now about taking the semester off to build this growing movement.  Now is
the time when what we say and do can change the course of history.  Now is a
time for sacrifice and struggle.  Another world IS possible and we pledge
make it real!

Send this to student groups and individuals and post this call on websites,
list-serves, e-lists.  Let's share ideas on building a movement that can
inspire, awaken and involve MILLIONS!

Contact us at:   212.969.8058    info at

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