MICHAEL NEUMANN: unprincipled attack on ANSWER

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at attbi.com
Sat Nov 9 21:30:18 MST 2002

It's not at all clear why you define the attack as "unprincipled", or why
you find it incorrect. Neumann is one of the few people who in his CP
articles has really spoken truthfully about Israel; he doesn't hold any
punches. What he says in this essay is absolutely correct - American
"solidarity" with the Palestinians is about fifty fucking years behind what
it should be. In the last ten years alone, as CSMonitor pointed out, the
two-state solution has been drowned in the deluge of Jewish settlements--yet
here we are in 2002, still pathetically defending a Palestinian "state" in
1/5 of historical Palestine, fending off ridiculous accusations like
"anti-Semitism", and waxing poetic about the evils of suicide-bombing.

Neumann is absolutely right in what he says about Palestinian terrorism and
response outside of the West--not even, outside America. No small number of
these supposedly pro-Palestinian coalitions spent a good amount of their
time posing as pacifists and defending the validity of Zionist positions in
order to make themselves more "legitimate", hands clasped together praying
to the diety of the imperialist standard of "morality". And he is further
correct when he points out no serious person believes divestment is going to
lead to divestment. What it would do is highlight some of Israel's
brutality, but this is like saying we should support capitalism because it
creates jobs; there are a hundred better ways to carry this out.

Instead of screaming "No Blood for Oil!" endlessly, of which, by the way, I
have been doing plenty in D.C. and Boston demonstrations, the Left should
also be pointing out how this war benefits Israel, how the entire war-
planning sections of government is overrun with Likudniks and Zionists. This
at any rate, is the kind of position I am taking with me, as spokesman for
my university anti-war group, to the national student anti-war conference,
for which some groups have linked the Israeli agenda with the American one,
though not ours for various reasons.

Neumann is definitely correct in pointing out that the Left is basically in
defensive mode across the board, at least when its two and a half-headed
"liberals" are not turning their fangs on the socialists or lapping the hand
of the imperialists simultaneously. Still, it is early in the game.

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