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Sun Nov 10 00:37:44 MST 2002

Wrong, bucko. Because, as I wrote to Neumann, our role in the U.S. isn't to
defeat Israel. It's to vanquish our own government and its imperialist
policies. And the activists who are demanding an end to U.S. aid to Israel
and pointing to Washington's role as chief arms supplier to that regime,
and the activists who are demanding that their universities divest from
companies doing business in Israel, are right on target.  It really is a
great liberal illusion to demand that Washington will support Palestinian
liberation, although that demand might appeal more to purists. Concretely,
the best way to show solidarity with our Palestinian comrades is cut
sources of material support here, while educating folks here about U.S.
governmental and corporate complicity in the ongoing oppression of
Palestinians. Jeez, these are the same issues we dealt with during the
struggle for divestment from South Africa.


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>From: "M. Junaid Alam" <redjaguar at>
>Subject: Re:MICHAEL NEUMANN: unprincipled attack on ANSWER
>It's not at all clear why you define the attack as "unprincipled", or why
>you find it incorrect. Neumann is one of the few people who in his CP
>articles has really spoken truthfully about Israel; he doesn't hold any
>punches. What he says in this essay is absolutely correct - American
>"solidarity" with the Palestinians is about fifty fucking years behind what
>it should be. In the last ten years alone, as CSMonitor pointed out, the

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