MICHAEL NEUMANN: unprincipled attack on ANSWER

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 10 07:16:44 MST 2002

At 02:37 AM 11/10/2002 -0500, Mike Friedman wrote:
>Wrong, bucko. Because, as I wrote to Neumann, our role in the U.S. isn't
>to defeat Israel. It's to vanquish our own government and its imperialist

I just had a chance to read Neumann's article. Although I admire his depth
of feeling, usually so absent in philosophy professors like himself, the
strategic advice he offers is not very good. In fact I have been discussing
offlist some ancillary issues with a Marxmail who is involved with campus
organizing. He asked me if the group opposed to war with Iraq and the
Palestinian solidarity organizations on his campus should effect what
amounts to a fusion. This is the exchange, for what it's worth:

>More importantly, I'm dealing with a lot of people who (presumably for
>tactical reasons) want to organize against the Iraq War as it were in
>isolation, without touching the question of  Palestine. When US attacks
>Iraq, it looks pretty certain that Israel will move to expel the remaining
>Palestinians from the West Bank. At that point I'm thinking it will become
>dishonest as well as self-defeating to evade the issue, and we'll need to
>confront it head-on even if it splits the coalition. WHat is your take
>given the importance you place on building the broadest possible movment?

Actually I think it might make sense to do Palestine work separately. If
some liberal Jews are willing to work against war with Iraq right now but
not make an issue of Palestine, it is better to be a little patient and
bring them along slowly in discussions over coffee.

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