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Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sun Nov 10 14:51:31 MST 2002

M Junaid Alam writes in response to several list contributors who argued
that the US and not Israel calls the shots in the US-Israel relationship:

> This is Chomsky's line, and I don't buy it. It is mechanistic and one-sided.
> Israel is not a puppet on strings remote-controlled from the United States.
> Jewish neo-conservatives within the administration are placing the agenda of
> the American empire at its own behest by turning its trajectory in such a
> way that the US fight's Israel's wars.

I quite often agree with M, but here he is way off beam.  I think the
idea that an  imperialist minnow like Israel decides US policy is what
is 'mechanistic and one-sided'.  M. makes the US appear as almost a
semi-colony of Israel in terms of political policy.

It also walks a very close line to the whole Zionist-Jewish conspiracy
type of thinking about who runs the US.  US imperialism is primarily run
by WASPs, not by Jews.  I would think there is also quite a lot of
anti-Jewish prejudice in important US ruling class circles.

The US has a 'special relationship' with Israel like it has a 'special
relationship' with another imperialist country, Britain.  The US-British
relationship helps prop up Britain as a global power and gives Britain
more weight globally than the clapped-out nature of British capitalism
would otherwise have.  This doesn't show that Brits call the shots in
the US ruling class and their main policy circles.  It shows that US
interests in Europe in particular, and globally more generally, are best
advanced with the Brits in tow and thus the US bolsters Britain in
certain ways.

If Israel got in the way of US interests in the MidEast the 'special
relationship' would pretty quickly be revealed as a marriage of
convenience, albeit a fairly long-lasting one.  Indeed, I would say that
since the end of the Cold War, the US has not needed Israel so much and
in the years to come is likely to foster new relationships in the
MidEast, including some which may well be to the detriment of Israel.

Philip Ferguson

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