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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sun Nov 10 17:53:44 MST 2002

At first I took Junaid's mention of "CP" to be something other than
CounterPunch.  I hope will be forgiven.  Not that it would have any
bearing on our discussion.

After reading his most recent argument I can certainly better comprehend
how people in the Umma and the periphery can so easily conflate
US/Zionism.  And his arguments about how Israeli leaders can bluff,
provoke and corner US leaders cannot be credibly disputed.  And we are
quite familiar with political positions taken by US leaders, how they
say one thing and mean something else, depending on what's most
expedient.  If we are not we should be more familiar with the power of
Zionism in the United States.*  It had similar powers in the British
Empire, with the Balfour Declaration, etc.  And still profited from
snarfing down the royal hand that fed it -assassinating Moyne, blowing
up the King David Hotel, etc.-and gaining its quest, the establishment
of the State of Israel.  Such adventures should indicate to the US
rulers the extent to which Zionists will go.  I am sure they realize
that.  All well and good, or all sick and bad, rather, the fact remains
that the US in its malignant magnitude and rapacious requirements looms
larger than Zionism.  Maybe Zionists can fake and force moves that the
US might grudgingly indulge, after making a show for TV viewers
tantamount to crocodile tears, but ultimately US imperialism has its own
interests at heart.  Clearly the current bourgeois managerial clique,
a.k.a. the US Government, has a deep infusion of Zionist sympathies and
partisans, but as even the Catholic Reporter would note, the apocalyptic
purposes of the right-wing Xns are not the same as the Zionists at all.
If Zionist Israel really threatened the interests of US monopoly
capitalism/imperialism, the power behind the Oval Office would assert
itself with little hesitation or pity.

Which raises the question again: why does it continue to support
Israel?  I fear monocausal explanations slight the dialectic.  Israel
remains not just a wedge against the aspirations of the people of North
Africa and West Asia, but a block against Europe and Russia.  This does
by no means indicate that the power of the Zionism in the United States
is negligible, to the contrary.  It is part of the piece, and plays a
very important role.  But the whole play is for the USA.  As they would
have it.

* I collected a carton of clippings of the New York Times from just
before, during and subsequent to the Gulf War.  They were of reports,
articles, editorials, and advertisements on the Op-Ed page, full pagers
elsewhere.  The pro-Zionist bias of the "paper of record" is generally
acknowledged.  I just had to prove it to myself.  In the Jewish library
in the bottom floor of the New York Public Library I saw a map of the
world that placed Stars of David of various sizes on cities that had
Jewish populations.  The geographical and cultural situation of the
capital of capital in the city with the highest population of Jews in
the world is not without substance.  It would likely have some
commensurate influence.

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