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> The villawood rally was a good face-saving exercise. But it is a question of priorities,
> should a self-agrandising conference be given priority over some of the most important
> protests of the year.

Self a-whatsthat?  I'm sorry, young man, you'll have to speak up a bit.

> As to your point on the CPIml. Bigger does not neccessarily mean better. Was the
> Australian CP better than the fourth international in the 1940's, it had 17000 members
> while the ISFI had little over 2000. I will not hesitate to say that the CPIml will completely
> stuff up if they ever get a sniff of power.

Hesistation is somtimes a wise course, my dear boy.

> I've nothing against people shaving their heads (I do it), it's
> only a minor issue of image OK? I get on fine with the SP SHARP
> guys the few times I've met them, "thugs" or "drug pushers" I
> would not call them.
> As to that rubbish about the DSP, I'll treat it with as much
> seriousness as I think being a skinhead is a problem. you're
> obviously bitter about something? We don't "socially engineer"
> people and have always had a large number of women leading, open
> lesbians and gays, etc etc etc...

All manner of monsters and freaks :-)

> Dave replies
> Good to see that you are more perceptive than the DSP leadership who like to present
> the SP as such. I shave my head too, even after my untimely retirement from rugby league.
> Social-engineering or not. The DSP definitely has a preferred lifestyle for their membership
> having the characteristics which i mentioned in my last post.
> As to Bitterness, you could call it that. People like me are tired of the DSP maneuvring, and acting in a bureaucratic manner, and then screaming blue murder when things don't go the DSPs way.

At least we all have something to be tired of. 	This priviledge is not
reserved for the delicate little flowers who feel pressured to conform
to the DSP preferred lifestyle. (available in the confidential
non-document 'lifestyle and image manual' annually updated by the
political committee in colboration with the cuban consul). I'm the most
tolerant hippy in the world and even I get tired of things. One of these
things is the capitalised David Murray's habit of compressing a
book-length critique into a short-to-medium length sentence. ("people
like me are tired of the DSP manoevring, and acting in a bureaucratic
manner, and then screaming blue murder when things don't go the DSPs
way.")  I think the capitalised David Murray should expand this into a
book and put it on the web.

> As to the "sectarian Alliance candidate" can you elaborate? I'm
> not in the city of Melbourne and I'm not aware of this. Or was it
> merely that we refused to stand aside for the SP?
> They stood a complete nobody against two prominent socialists. SP came within a dozen votes of winning. If we hadn;t had to spend half our time explaining how we were different, we might have won.
> Not happy with having prevented the first election of a socialist in years
> they wrote a smear job claiming that they were the only people to run on an 'openly socialist program'.

Perhaps I am the only one who thinks this is ludicrous.

A 'nobody' cost you the election by making you waste your time
explaining things to voters while you could have been rounding up the
extra dozen...

on the subject of comedy,

I hear Nader said about Gore: 'I think he cost me the election'
Key difference is that Nader was expecting laughs.
I have no idea what the capitalised David Murray expects.

> small correction: Dave Riley is no longer a member of the DSP,
> although I believe he still supports the DSP politically. That
> comment doesn't really represent the attitude of the DSP.
> WHy did he leave? Did even he become totally bored with his own columns?
> I'll take your word for it Ben, but in my experience it seems quite a common atitude.

Always a pleasure to witness a personal attack.

you have much to learn, kohai.

I recommend Jose's post on birdcage lining for dummies.

Now I am more aware of what tires me. The time I wasted reading this
post could have been spent killfiling a dozen youthful idiots and
extending my own life.

Having said that, i shall return to my usual lurking lurking posture.


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