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Volume 19 - Issue 23, November 09 - 22 2002

Unending crisis

in Kathmandu

With the dissolution of Parliament and the elected
local bodies and with an unrepresentative and
`unconstitutional' government in front, the political
parties of Nepal are desperately in search of a role.

IN Kathmandu, the old `Panchas' of the discredited,
autocratic Panchayat system are coming out of the
shadows, writing impatient obituaries of multi-party
democracy in Nepal for a widening public opinion that
is shedding few tears for the marginalisation of
political parties. King Gyanendra's October 4 coup —
the dismissal of the elected government and the
appropriation of all executive powers — has set in
motion a sequence of events that has resulted in the
virtual suspension of the Constitution, the bypassing
of political parties, and the creation of a `front'
government; a constitutional monarch is now vested
with all initiative.

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