FW: House of Nord-Ost hostage-taker blown up in Chechnya

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[This appeared at Gazeta.Ru and Reuters, although I don't have the exact
link. As it's short - I've posted full]

In the early hours of Friday a group of masked men dressed in camouflaged
uniforms arrived at the house of Aset Gishnurkayeva, one of the female
terrorists involved in last months hostage-taking in the Nord-Ost theatre in
Moscow. The men ordered the women and children inside the house to leave and
shortly afterwards blew up their home.

The incident took place in Achkhoy-Martan, Chechnya, in the early hours of
Friday, the district administration head Shamil Burayev told Interfax.

According to Burayev, at 0220 Moscow time a group of gunmen dressed in
camouflage entered the house and told the two women and two children that
they found inside, to leave the house and ordered them to get into a car.
When they were several hundred metres away, they heard an explosion. So far,
nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Some observers surmised that this could be provocation staged by Chechen
separatists. Others claim the attack was in retaliation for Gishnurkayeva's
participation in the Moscow hostage crisis. The incident is similar to the
tactics used by Israel, which often destroys the homes of suicide bombers.

Ackhoi-Martan official Shamil Burayev also believes the explosion could be
linked to Gishnurkayeva's participation in the raid. He does not rule out
that other residents from the district could also have been involved in the
Moscow siege.

The president's human rights envoy to Chechnya, Abdul-Khakim Sultygov,
denounced the explosion. ''It is absolutely unacceptable,'' Sultygov told
the Ekho Moskvy radio station on Friday. Although nobody was injured in the
blast, a criminal case was launched, he said. He confirmed that so far
nobody has claimed responsibility for blowing up the house. Efforts are
being made to prevent attacks against
the hostage-takers' relatives, he said.

''The demolition of terrorists' houses whoever carries it out, will just add
to the ranks of those who take up arms,'' the State Duma deputy for Chechnya
Aslanbek Aslakhanov told Ekho Moskvy commenting on the attack.

''This is done so that the remaining members of families or neighbours take
up arms,'' holds Aslakhanov. ''Whoever did it "the federal forces or the
bandits"  it is, primarily, a crime against the unfortunate people who live
there,'' Aslakhanov said.

He noted that in many counties children are not held liable for the actions
of their parents, and parents for the actions of their children. ''If their
son or daughter commits a terror attack this does not mean that houses must
be blown up.''

The deputy did not exclude the possibility that the attack could have been
organized by federal agencies, or by those who are intent on inciting the
common people against the federal authorities.

Human rights activist and the State Duma deputy Sergei Kovalyov is convinced
that it is necessary to conduct a thorough probe into the Achkhoi-Martan

''It is necessary to inquire with the federal forces command and other
federal agencies in order to establish who blew up the house, who those
people in camouflage were,'' Kovalyov said. He said similar tactics were
used by Israeli commandoes, ''but reckless copying of that experience will
just lead to a dead end.''

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