marxmail list demographics: Nov 2002

Ambrose Andrews ambrosea at
Mon Nov 11 04:26:11 MST 2002

> well, lets see, how far do you live from
> address:      Level 2
> address:      19 Pitt Street
> address:      Circular Quay, Sydney
> country:      AU

A little out of my price-range at present. Bring on the property collapse.

I was thinking of the more wasteful ordinary reverse dns for better
breakdown of mysterious .com .net .org email addresses into less
mysterious (resolved) ip top level whatsit - but twouldn't be vastly
superior. hotmail and co would be more scrutable. I imagine those with
less net accessibility might tend to be less us/uk/au centric and might
tend also to be more inclined towards webmail.

> easier tho if people simply proclaimed their place of residence if
> they so desired.
> and others will perfer to remain anonymous in name or place.

This is of course true, reasonable and practical.
My flight of fancy has crashed to earth.

   -AA. [a little weak on verbal coherence this evening]

> les schaffer

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