the art of Badgering (Re: re David Murray)

Ambrose Andrews ambrosea at
Mon Nov 11 06:17:17 MST 2002

Ben Courtice wrote:

> Since Dave Riley is on this list (in some way) I really ought to have
> left it to him to reply to this. So sorry to Dave Riley. On the
> substantial matter -- like I think Gary Mc pointed out there was nothing
> in Dave's post which indicated bullying. I simply didn't agree with the
> idea of "badgering" other left groups. Pretty much everything else I do
> agree with in his post.

I looked in my standard-english/dave-riley-colloquial dictionary under
'badgering' and it said 'persistent advocacy'. Dave R derives a thread
of his multi-textured linguistic tapestry from the rich styles of Sir
Johannes Bjelke-Petersen, a man renowned for his folksy verbal
dexterity.  :-)

> Anyway I'm going to leave this silly exchange of sectarian abuse before
> Louis in his wisdom cuts it off anyway (and he probably should).

Oops. Me too, me too.


> Ben

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