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> The dominant philosophical group in Vienna from 1928 was the Vienna
> Circle,
> a circle of 'scientifically-minded' intellectuals who gathered
> around the
> figure of Moritz Schlick. This included Rudolf Carnap, Otto Neurath,
> Viktor
> Kraft, Hans Hahn, and Herbert Feigl. The aim of the Circle was to
> unify the
> sciences and eliminate metaphysics once and for all by showing that
> metaphysical propositions are meaningless. This was logical
> positivism.

It should be noted that Otto Neurath besides being a logical
empiricist was also a Marxist, and indeed had close ties with
the Austro-Marxists (i.e. Otto Bauer, Max Adler).  And Neurath
had served as a minister in the shortlived Soviet Republic of
Bavaria during the 1919 revolution, which in turn had led
to his being put on trial by the government of the Weimar
Republic on treason charges, which were eventually quashed
as a result of the intercession of the Austrian government,
and of leading academics including his old teacher Max Weber.

Popper's critique of Marxism was in part shaped by his long running
debates with Neurath over a wide variey of issues ranging from
logical positivism, to Neurath's "radical physicalism" and
Neurath's Marxism which for Popper, examplified the sort
of historicism which he attacked in both *The Open Society*
and in his *The Poverty of Historicism*.

> Although he was friendly with some of the Circle's members and
> shared their
> esteem for science, Popper was heavily critical of logical
> positivism,
> especially its misplaced focus on the theory of meaning in
> philosophy and
> upon verification in scientific methodology. He gave his own view of
> science, and his criticisms of the positivists, in The Logic of
> Scientific
> Discovery in 1934.

And  *The Logic of Scientific Discovery* was originally published
under the imprimatur of of the Vienna Circle.

Jim F.

> Jurriaan

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