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DAVID MURRAY dmurray at studentmail.newcastle.edu.au
Mon Nov 11 14:08:49 MST 2002

I'll answer the outstanding allegations and then go happily back to reading the discussion.

Obviously, because they don't have the CWI Programme For World Revolution, they will never get anywhere. Silly me.
Any program which is not the skewed maoist program that they have would be lilkely to succeed. Not neccesarily the CWI program.

The DSP has supported the gay and lesbian rights movement[s] since our inception. Unlike, I believe, the CWI which as far as I know had a workerist-opportunist aversion to the whole issue as late as the 1970s if not the 1980s.
Despite your public gay-friendly face, it does not stop you from uncritically supporting Fidel Castro. Remember "no homosexual can ever be a true communist".
The CWI may have made mistakes on gay rights. But we also have an excellent record in other respects. In Perth our comrades spent many years campaigning for gay rights in the most homophobic state, as well as in Israel and other areas.

Ah, I see, we are sectarian because we are "nobodies" and apparently don't know our place.
Its a question of comparison. Your candidates were lesser known activists than Stephen Jolly and John Maciulus, who are both prominent activists and unionists. Put it another way, it would be absolute sectarianism if i say stood against, say Dick Nicholls, he is a lot better known than me, and I would only dammage his campaign.

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