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Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Mon Nov 11 14:55:52 MST 2002

At 07:55 AM 11/11/2002, D OC wrote:
 >As far as Danielle's question on whether Sinn Féin
 >officials should talk to US officials

It was actually Eamonn McCann's question, and he followed it up with an
even better one: how does Adams defend meeting with them?  The only answer
I can see is he just doesn't want to alienate his corporate support in the
US nor the support of right wing Irish-Americans.  Both groups tend to
become very unhappy when their government's imperialist policies are

Your answer:
 >I think that they should, after all the current strategy
 >attempts to involve the US people and, by extension, their
 >Government in the Peace Process

The US government's support for the "peace process" certainly isn't
predicated on wanting to see a 32 county socialist republic and if such
magically appeared over night, you can bet that the US would try to destroy
it.  The GFA seems to be the ideal solution for US interests and Martin
McGuinness in a suit, administering British rule, is certainly no threat to

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