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Peter Boyle peterb at
Mon Nov 11 15:52:06 MST 2002

The following joint statement was issued this weekend by the
International Socialist Organisation and Democratic
Socialist Party:

9 November 2002

 Representatives of the Democratic Socialist Party Political
Committee and the International Socialist Organisation
National Executive held a teleconference today to discuss
the difficult situation that has recently arisen within
Socialist Alliance.

 The situation has emerged because of the decision of the
DSP National Committee to propose to the party's 20th
Congress that it vote to transform the DSP into a tendency
within the Socialist Alliance and the ISO NE's response to
this proposal, namely to recommend to the December ISO
national conference that the ISO withdraw from the Alliance
should the DSP Congress vote to adopt the DSP NC proposal.

 Discussion on the teleconference canvassed many of the
issues that have been touched on in recent correspondence
between the two organizations (contained in the Socialist
Alliance Internal Discussion Bulletins Volume 2 Numbers 4
and 5).

 Both organizations expressed the view that the experience
of the Socialist Alliance had been an invaluable gain for
left unity and for the construction of a working-class
political alternative in Australia, and that all avenues for
resolving the conflict should be explored so as to avoid
jeopardising the Alliance.

 Both organizations acknowledged the other's good will and
good intentions in pursuing their specific proposals
via-a-vis the Socialist Alliance, and committed themselves
to continue the dialogue begun at this meeting with a view
to reducing the areas of disagreement as much as possible.

 Both parties stressed the need for a thorough, open and
inclusive discussion within the Alliance as to how it should
develop and undertook to present their specific viewpoints
within this discussion.

 The two organizations agreed that their representatives
should next meet during the Sydney protests against the
World Trade Organisation (13-15 November).

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