Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Nov 11 18:44:51 MST 2002

Donal wrote:
> I understand such decisions may offend the sensitivities of self-professed
> revolutionaries and hard-core fanatics who don't seem to understand the
> realities of dealing with overwhelming forces. But that's life and that's
> the sort of stuff you have to do to win. By extension, the same people would
> have criticised Lenin for availing of free transport (and money??) from
> German Imperialists in 1917.

Clearly not, becoz none of us who are critical of SF leadership's
current politics have ever made such a criticism of Lenin.  Lenin used a
German train to help get him to Russia and take the revolution forward.
Adams and co. go to the US and hang out at the homes of leading
imperialist politicians and $US500 a plate dinners.  If Lenin hadn't
have just used the sealed train to get from Switzerland to Russia, but
had've gone supping with the kaiser and swanning around with leading
German bourgeois politicians, then I (and no doubt Gary and others)
*would* have something to say on the subject.


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