The ad hominem distractions of America's liberals

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Mon Nov 11 21:50:24 MST 2002

[Another interesting piece to add to the discussion...]

<<You could indeed make the case that the world is becoming like "Europe during the late 1930s and early 1940s" but you would be hard-pressed to have Israel stand in for European Jews. Palestinians, imprisoned in ghettos, and whose expulsion from the Occupied Territories is now regarded by large parts of the Israeli population as an option worthy of legitimate consideration, bear a closer resemblance to Europe's Jews of the 30's and 40's than Israel does. And the United States, which now wears its imperialist ambitions unapologetically on its sleeve, and is prepared to do what Nazis were executed at Nuremberg for--initiating wars of aggression--stands closer to Nazi Germany than Iraq does>>....


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