A European Socialist Alliance?

Nick Fredman nfredman at scu.edu.au
Tue Nov 12 20:18:37 MST 2002

For those comrades who might think that the Socialist Alliance
movements in the UK state and Australia are unrelated to or at odds
with broader political developments within the left and social
movements I'd like to quote from the November 5 edition of the UK
Weekly Worker, which neatly sums up the links between
anti-corporate/global justice campaigns and socialist recomposition.

>The Communist Party of Great Britain welcomes the meeting of the
>parties of the European left >being hosted by Rifondazione this week
>in Florence, to which the Socialist Alliance has been >invited. As
>well as discussing the themes of the ESF [European Social Forum],
>the two-day meeting >will finish with "a proposal towards a European
>political party - an intervention by Rifondazione >Comunista
>national secretary Fausto Bertinotti".

from http://www.cpgb.org.uk/worker/455/build_esa.html

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