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Ahmet, I don't know the film but maybe somebody on Marxmail has heard of

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Hi Louis,

I am copying below the ad for our sociology position.  Please circulate
it.  Especially if you know any Marxist sociologist, encourage them to
apply for the position.

Have you seen the documentary called, "The Good War and Those Who
Refused To Fight It?"  I was asked to comment on it.  It is essentially
a glorification of pacifism in the context of the WW2.  It starts with a
quotation from JFK, in itself was a bad choice!  It ignores the Spanish
Civil War, etc.  Did you see any reviews of this film?



Simon's Rock College invites applicants for a permanent full-time
position in sociology. The particular specializations are open, but we
are seeking someone who can combine an intercultural and historical
analysis of American society with several of the following areas: race,
class, ethnicity, globalization, and theory. An interest in involving
students in local human service programs would also be a plus. Simon's
Rock is a small liberal arts college which emphasizes independent work
in a strong interdisciplinary curriculum. Rarely are disciplinary areas
represented by more than one faculty member. Thus the successful
candidate will be expected to create a program in sociology; to teach in
the General Education Program; and to develop significant
interdisciplinary interests. A Ph.D. and successful college teaching
experience are required. To apply, send a letter, curriculum vitae, and
brief statement of teaching philosophy and  research plans, and arrange
to have three reference letters sent to Ahmet Tonak, Chair, Sociology
Search Committee, Simon's Rock College of Bard, 84 Alford Road, Great
Barrington, MA 01230. The review process will begin on January 27,
2003.  Applications from women and minorities are encouraged.  For more
information about Simon's Rock, consult AA/EOE/ADA

E. Ahmet Tonak
Professor of Economics

Simon's Rock College of Bard
84 Alford Road
Great Barrington, MA 01230

Tel:  413 528 7488
Fax: 413 528 7365

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