Lenin versus Adams

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Nov 12 14:47:22 MST 2002

Donal wrote:
> The point is that Lenin relied on support from the German and Austrian
> Imperialists to advance his objectives. The verbal accompaniment describing
> 'supping and swanning' does not detract from the fact that *in material
> terms* Lenin benefited from the arrangement, just as the Irish people
> benefit from successfully getting the US into putting pressure on the Brits
> to implement the GFA. Lenin, like any other serious revolutionary, clearly
> would take support (and cash) from whatever source he needed it from. That's
> just what I term determination. It's whether that engagement compromises
> your overall agenda which is the important bit - not whether the swarm of
> ultralefts can make allegations about you 'swanning around', blah-de-blah.

The two instances are entirely different.  Lenin made use of a sealed
train to get from A to B.  he did not swan around with German
imperialism and he did not ask German imperialism to oversee the Russian
revolution or play any role in Russia.

If Adams asked US imperialism to give him a lift in a train, none of us
would criticise that.  But when he forms political relationships with
sections of the US establishment, works to get US imperialism more
deeply involved in Ireland, and so on, that is a whole other ball game.

You are simply unable to face up to what is going on.  And when the IRA
is finally disbanded, when SFers take seats at Westminster and when
SFers are sitting in a capitalist coalition government in Dublin as well
as a capitalist coalition government in Stormont you will still be
telling us that nothing has changed.

But a while back, I said I'd leave off the Irish stuff.  So now I will.


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