CWI and Malvinas

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Tue Nov 12 18:19:31 MST 2002

Andy wrote:

It's a shame you lacked the moral integrity to raise
this critique during the three years you were actually
in the CWI, eh? Would have been a good


"I'd never been, I'm not and I will never be a member
of the Comm ... err, the CWI."

And I understand that the people you're probably
referring to raised it 6 times (on record), even
before they joined and were assured that a
self-criticism was forthcoming. They never produced
the criticism.

They never mentioned the issue publicly again, to my
recollection, in the last five years or so, until last
May, when the CWI not only re-affirmed their shameful
position, but made it even worse, calling Argentina an
imperialist country, a la par of Britain (second rate
imperialist power as they defined them), defending the
right to "self-determination" for British occuppying
troops and the employees of a British firm and
explained they were for international action of the
working class, allegedly to recover the Islands and
punish the Argentinean junta.

But, feel free to defend that position if you wish.  I
think the stakes on that issue are clear for all to
see. The only reason why I posted was to agree with
Phil on that particular issue and re-affirm what he
said on that aspect of his posting.


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