No Mandate, No Surrender

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Tue Nov 12 20:00:02 MST 2002


Mid-Term Elections Analysis
By Sebastian Robles

The US latest mid-term election results cannot be
understood apart from national and international
political situations and trends.

In the US, we are still in a reactionary conjuncture,
characterized since September 11 by the US’
imperialist offensive both abroad and at home. This
reactionary conjuncture in the US has created a highly
polarized world political situation, with mass
upheavals and counter-revolutionary backlashes in the
semi-colonial world, and mass opposition and
governmental hesitancy in regards to the Bush/Congress
war drive in Europe ...

... Republicans, Democrats, Greens, the Socialist
left, what the elections meant for them?

In the new issue of Frontlines newspaper, read the
Complete article:

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