Re DSP & Ausralian Socialist Alliance

Pip, Peter & Zoe ppz at
Wed Nov 13 05:52:13 MST 2002

In my rush to send off a quick response to Bob Gould earlier today, I
did not complete the last sentence in the following paragraph:

>The DSP is trying to act responsibly. We are pushing for
>greater left unity and will continue to do so. But we will
>honour our commitment to take every single step forward by
>Socialist Alliance through the democratic processes of the
>Alliance. Of course nothing we were proposing to the DSP
>congress was.

Just in case it gets quoted by one of the anti-Socialist Alliance
members on this list, the last sentence was meant to say:

"Of course nothing we were proposing to the DSP congress was going to
change this practice as the proposals related to how *the DSP* organised
itself. Any changes to the Alliance would still have to be agreed to by
Alliance bodies."

This is an important point to make because now that there is no excuse
for hysteria about the alleged "unilateralism" it should become clear
that the DSP has been forced (by a threat by the ISO to disaffiliate
from the Alliance) to continue to recruit to itself instead of to the
Socialist Alliance after our next congress!

The sole pressure we would have exerted through that move on the other
affiliates would have been some moral pressure to do the same. But it
would have been their choice.

Peter Boyle

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