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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Nov 13 11:01:35 MST 2002

>I don't know about that. Solidarity has been talking to Freedom Road
>about regroupment, and things seem to be going well...Albeit slowly.
>Freedom Road, of course, comes from a Stalinist/Maoist tradition, so
>I'm not sure it's fair to say Stalinophobia keeps Solidarity away.

Must have been psychological or something, but I omitted those groups that
Max Elbaum wrote about in "Revolution in the Air". Freedom Road is one of
them. It has gone *very far* from its 1970s origins and has some very good
people, including Bill Fletcher, who was the education director for the
AFL-CIO and now heads the Black Radical Congress. The other group that is
still extant from this tradition is the Revolutionary Communist Party,
which is run by Bob Avakian. It was very, very disruptive during the
Central America movement's heyday, but seems to be playing a productive
role in building the NION coalition. Let's hope that they and ANSWER can
get their act together for the sake of the movement.

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