Wellstone Assassinated? The Onus is On the Conspiracy Theorists, Not the Doubters

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Wed Nov 13 11:55:33 MST 2002


November 13, 2002

Wellstone Assassinated?
The Onus is On the Conspiracy Theorists, Not the Doubters


Now I've been reading a lot of nonsense lately from the tin-foil hat
conspiracy theorists, who argue that it those of us who seriously
doubt the late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was assassinated by a
right-wing cabal taking orders from the White House must disprove he
was murdered. This kind of debating tactic by the conspiracy
theorists is an act of desperation by some people on the left who
only have innuendo and suspicion to support their baseless accusation.

If somebody is going to even hint at such a fatal charge against
President George W. Bush, then they had better bring some documentary
evidence to the table before opening their mouths. For example, if
you're going accuse a prominent citizen of being a wife beater on the
stump in the town square, then you should at least have the testimony
of a close friend or family member, if you want to be believable. A
copy of a police report detailing such an allegation is, of course,
tantamount to a smoking gun for the person making the charge of wife
beating. It's not up to the doubter among the crowd in the town
square, who calls into question the accusation of wife beating by the
accuser, to provide evidence disproving the accuser's allegation. The
onus is on the accuser, just as the onus is on those who started
yelling "foul play" and even "assassination" the day the Wellstone
plane crash happened.

Until the Wellstone conspiracy theorists have a credible source for
their allegations, like a dissident within the official investigation
of the crash or at least an eye witness openly casting doubt on the
official explanation of what caused Wellstone's plane to go down that
fateful morning of October 25, the entirely reasonable position to
take on this issue is that the crash was an accident and nothing
more. One of the strengths of the anti-war position regarding the
upcoming invasion of Iraq has been outspoken former U.N. officials
who spent time on the ground in Iraq and are opposed to such an
invasion, like Dennis Halliday and Scott Ritter. Anti-war rallies put
on by the usual wing-nut groups who populate the anti-war movement
aren't going to convince one-fourth of the collective Congress to
vote against a Bush invade Iraq resolution.

I realize it's pointless suggesting to the tin-foil hats that we give
an investigation a chance in the case of the Wellstone plane crash.
For the believers in the Wellstone conspiracy had already made up
their collective minds within hours after it happened. I forsee
seemingly endless amounts of energy being spent debating this topic
and trying to find some evidence in this caper for years to come. We
might even see a movie about the subject by Oliver Stone even more
ludicrous than his 1991 JFK production. If any of you tin-foil hats
out there are thinking about trying out screenplay writing, then I
think you have something to go with here. Maybe old man Stone will
buy it from you.

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