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Wed Nov 13 12:16:26 MST 2002

Lou Paulsen:
>Take the ISO for example.  If
>you look at their position on the war with Iraq, they are pretty close to
>They have a lot of dedicated people, a lot of young people, and a lot of
>influence.  On the other hand, they believe Fidel should be overthrown.  I
>think this would be a problem for both sides.

It is not that simple. The ISO does not exactly support US imperialism. It
simply calls for the Cuban workers to overthrow the rotten state capitalist
regime. Substitute the term Stalinist for state capitalist and you pretty
much get the same formulation from the CWI current. In any case, it's a
moot point since the ISO, the CWI and the WWP all view themselves as
competing for market share. I reject this small proprietorship outlook,
even if it is in the name of socialism.

>  I personally would not be in
>favor of any move that might leave me in the minority of a party whose
>majority treats the government of Cuba as the class enemy.  Not just because
>they are "wrong on Cuba", but also because I believe there must be something
>fundamentally flawed with the political thinking of people that can end up
>THAT wrong on Cuba.  If this makes me a left sectarian, so be it!

Sounds like we're making progress, as my psychotherapist used to say.

>How much would the "very good people" of WWP have been able to accomplish
>since last September if we had NOT been organizationally independent, and if
>we had at some previous time been "regrouped" into a left minority within a
>larger party which mostly did not believe that struggle was possible, or that
>imperialism should be appeased on this point or that?

The sense of self-satisfaction here is as overpowering as cheap perfume.

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