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> Who are we
> supposed to want to amalgamate with, actually?  Take the ISO for
> example.  If
> you look at their position on the war with Iraq, they are pretty
> close to us.
> They have a lot of dedicated people, a lot of young people, and a lot
> of
> influence.  On the other hand, they believe Fidel should be
> overthrown.  I
> think this would be a problem for both sides.  I personally would not
> be in
> favor of any move that might leave me in the minority of a party
> whose
> majority treats the government of Cuba as the class enemy.  Not just
> because
> they are "wrong on Cuba", but also because I believe there must be
> something
> fundamentally flawed with the political thinking of people that can
> end up
> THAT wrong on Cuba.  If this makes me a left sectarian, so be it!


Cuba remains a point of contention in Solidarity, the group I'm a
member of. On the one hand, you have folks like me who are die-hard
Fidelistas. On the other, you DO have the Schactmanite/Cliffite faction
that want, as Louis put it, to "overthrow the state capitalist regime."
There are many comrades in Solidarity who, politically, subscribe to
the same horseshit (excuse my bluntness :) ) as the ISO.

But we work together. Because we all agree, like WWP does, that we must
fight US imperialism, regardless of the regime it targets. We drawing
up a resolution to support the Cuba 5, and in Atlanta--where the
majority of the branch are ISO refugees--we are officially joining the
Atlanta Cuba Solidarity Committee. So there is room for agreement,
despite political differences.

The thing is, how does one's attitude towards the nature of the Cuban
state--keeping in mind this attitude is largely shaped by bourgeois
propoganda--keep one from doing good political work, and working to
build a socialist revolution in the US and internationally? (Damn that
was a long sentence.) Despite my agreement with you that those who want
to "overthrow the state capitalist regime" have some serious political
flaws (we have one comrade here who doesn't even think there WAS a
revolution in Cuba), we all can work quite productively towards the
goal of building a revolutionary movement.


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