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Hola Cdes.

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> At the risk of once again provoking the ire of Solidarity members lurking
about on Marxmail,

arrrgh! arrrgh! (foaming at the mouth) ruff! ruff!

> I suppose now I'll be subject to the regular salvos of abuse, but such a
discussion about real failings needs to take place, *and not just inside
Solidarity* (for such >a self-proclaimed democratic organization, it has a
remarkable aversion to airing such controversies outside of leadership
meetings, let alone outside the >organization).

Though we as an organization are not perfect, I am surprised that you state
that somehow we have an "aversion to airing such contreversies outside of
leadership meetings." I am not sure on what basis you make this statement.
Myself, based on my monthly readings of the internal discusion bulleting,
and following the Solidarity email discusion group, I find no such aversion
and on the contrary there is an exchange of ideas. As a matter fact, past
discussion bulletin debates have been over the issue of our trade union work
and what some on this list call "Draperism." Both sides gave their volley of
words on this issue. No one was censored or asked to stop.

> (Solidarity's record on welcoming internal dissent, rather than engaging
in high-school like pariah politics and ostracism, is not very good).

And, again, I am not sure what you base yourself on. Without citing
specifics, it's hard to respond to your opinion on our organization.

por el socialismo,
erik toren
pharr, tx

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