Negri explains the "multitude"

Jurriaan Bendien J.Bendien at
Wed Nov 13 15:46:02 MST 2002

I think Negri's discourse is kinda sexy and indeed brilliant, but I totally
object to his obscure style.

Apart from that, he doesn't seem to have any realistic concept of the
working class, and what that means. Nor does he seem to understand that the
interaction of large masses of individuals have aggregate effects, which are
irreducible to any individual or group, and that therefore "society" has an
objective existence, independent of any particular individual or group that
lives in it.

I have had my share of convoluted thought myself, but I have always tried in
my mails to be as plain and simple as possible, even to the point of being
brutally frank, and not doing justice to the subtleties of the argument.
Intellectual subtlety is all very well, but if nobody understands it, we are
no further ahead.


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