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Wed Nov 13 16:27:45 MST 2002

--- Armand Diego <causebellum at> wrote:
> I say this based on your argument and counter-argument
> about the labor-based or activist-based organization.
> A revolutionary Marxist organization would assign a
> very important role to its union work, but also to
> their youth and student work.
> They are NOT incompatible, they feed each other.  What
> is critical is what kind of education both the union
> members and the youth receive in the organization. One
> in which trade-union activity for workers is not but
> one aspect of their struggle, since we are striving
> not to have mere shop stewards but "tribunes of
> all the people" in the organization.

YES! That's it *exactly*, and I think this is the kind of thing
Solidarity is trying to achieve. Well, I am at any rate, and I think
the Atlanta branch is as well.

You can't say it any better--"they are not imcompatible, they feed each
other." That's what many--if not most--of us in Solidarity is trying to


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