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Derek S. derektheredrebel at
Wed Nov 13 17:19:56 MST 2002

> If people can't work together in a coalition with
> any sense of mutual trust,
> then "regroupment" into a single party isn't even on
> the agenda, is it?

The problem is that far left groups that may work in
coalitions together don't have an attitude that
facilitates moving closer together with others.
Rather, the other groups you (not you specifically--
the Left in general) work with are "opponents", and
you meet together with your own comrades beforehand to
discuss how to outflank the "opponents", recruit any
independents, etc. What needs to happen is that the
far leftist "parties" need to extend their idea of who
is a comrade to outside of their own ranks, to the
rest of the Left who is carrying on the same basic
struggle as them. If the Left really, organically saw
things this way, then maybe some honest discussion
could happen. But a precondition of this is for
everyone to stop viewing each other as "opponents",
reformists, and fakes. No body has any right to do
this: all the far left groups are essentially
insignificant right now, in the sense that they have
no effect on society, no mass base. It is absurd to
exaggerate minor differences (which people often do to
demonize the "opponent" in order to dissuade a
potential recruit from going anywhere other than your
party, the REAL revolutionary one-- as if any one
recruit is worth perpetuating this poisonous mentality
amongst the Left).

As to you seeing the impossibility of merging with the
ISO because of your difference on Cuba: I disagree. I
don't think this is a major difference, in the sense
that it puts into question the fundamental points of
agreement that are the essential ones when we talk
about working together: class independence, reform vs.
revolution, internationalism, etc. A disagreement on
whether the Cuban working class should overthrow Fidel
is hardly a major barrier to forming a broad marxist
party in the USA. However, it can become one if you
make it so...


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