DSP and Australian Socialist Alliance

Alan Bradley abradley1 at bigpond.com
Wed Nov 13 19:00:48 MST 2002

> From: Bob Gould
> Two weeks ago, a meeting was held at the Gaelic Club in Sydney to discuss
> the DSP proposal. It was attended by about 75 people, about 40 of them DSP
> and Resistance members (about half the DSP/Resistance membership, which
> underlined the importance with which the DSP viewed the meeting. as this
> was prime paper-selling time because of late-night shopping).

Let me guess: there was a bar??   : )

> Summing up at the end, Phil Sandford of the Workers League made the
> powerful point that what alarmed him most was the mechanical uniformity of
> the DSP contributions at the meeting,

Hmm. How many members does the Workers League have? How many factions?

"Mechanical uniformity" my arse. It's called political agreement.

> The DSP is the only group defending an ultra-Cannonist model.

< Alan falls on the floor, laughing. >

> Surely, from Perez's point of view, in relation to Cannonism, it's clear
> that the political climate in the ISO is far healthier than the still very
> homogeneous environment of the DSP? It will be very interesting to see if
> the shipwreck of the DSP's organisational proposals for the Socialist
> Alliance brings to the surface the oppositional rumblings that clearly
> exist in the DSP on a number of questions.

Umm, Bob, the ISO expelled a whole bunch of people a few years ago. You
know, Socialist Alternative?

Alan Bradley
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