Labour aristocracy theory: what for?

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> But if we admit that workers are ideologically convinced to support
> capitalism in some way (which is pretty obvious) the question is,
> what mechanisms impart and sustain that false, bourgeois
> consciousness? Are they only ideological mechanisms like the press
> and the education system? We know that in general people take the
> path of least resistance in any struggle. When capitalism has the
> means available it will provide and promote paths of least
> resistance, if not outright corruption, that keep the working class'
> illusions in the system intact. (of course there are other
> mechanisms like state repression but they aren't the main factor in
> a bourgeois democracy).

Character and Social Process

An Appendix to Fear of Freedom, by Erich Fromm (1942) THROUGHOUT this
book we have dealt with the interrelation of socio- economic,
psychological, and ideological factors by analysing certain historical
periods like the age of the Reformation and the contemporary era. For
those readers who are interested in the theoretical problems involved
in such analysis I shall try, in this appendix, to discuss briefly the
general theoretical basis on which the concrete analysis is founded.

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