Solidarity -- and a couple of other thoughts

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--- Mike Ballard <swillsqueal at> wrote:

> Self-identification as an anarchist is neither a
> requirement nor a block to organizing in the I.W.W.

Well, in theory. The fact of the matter is that IWW is overwhelmingly
anarchist, and every modern-day wobbly I've ever met has described the
IWW as an anarchist organization. A person leaning towards Bolshevism
would be mighty uncomfortable in the IWW. (I actually had one guy tell
me, though I realized later he was full of it, that the IWW actively
kicked out Bolsheviks trying to organize.)

> But then, we've been doing that since we began in
> 1905, right through the period of our largest numbers
> until today.  The point is that workers will always
> have differing political viewpoints.  That shouldn't
> stop them from organizing as a class to win the daily
> battle, while setting their sights on the prized goal
> of taking, holding, and operating the means of
> production for themselves.

It just ain't the same organization, dude. Any way you slice, dice, or
chop it, the IWW of today is NOT the IWW of Big Bill Haywood and Joe
Hill. Hell, it's not even really a union anymore. It's just another
left organization with a newspaper.

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