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Dear Lou,

pls find enclosed a brief note about a discussion in the Marxism List.
sending it to you because I'm not clear whether I have the right to post

directly or not to the list. (If so, pls have my apology).

Luciano Dondero

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Subject: A discussion of Leninism

Comrade JS wrote:
"Even so, "Bolshevisation", which was declared at the
fifth Comintern congress in 1924, had varying effects
in the parties of the Comintern. In some cases, the
results were positive.
In Italy, between 1924 and 1926, Antonio Gramsci,
appointed secretary of the Communist Party, built an
inclusive leadership team that headed a reorientation
and reorganisation of the party in the face of fascist

I take exception to this. Whatever the limits of the Italian party under

Bordiga's leadership, the first steps toward Stalinism were taken under
Gramsci. In 1924 Bordiga still had a majority of leading comrades in
charge of local branches, and they were removed from their position
bureaucratically by Gramsci. Not to mention that by 1924 there was
nothing one could do to reorientate the party, fascism was already
strongly in power.

What Gramsci did, and is to his merit, was speak up in the Italian
parliament very bravely, especially after Matteotti's murder (1924).

It is certainly not by accident that in 1926, when for the last time
someone spoke in an International Executive Committee of the Cominter
against Stalin, that person was Bordiga, who spent the previous night
preparing the intervention together with Trotsky. Yet Trotsky and
had not seen eye to eye about Italian matters in previous years.

All Gramsci was able to do was write a letter to Moscow, which was
concealed by Togliatti, mildly complaining for the treatment of Trotsky.

Luciano Dondero

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