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Jurriaan Bendien J.Bendien at wolmail.nl
Thu Nov 14 14:36:04 MST 2002

Earlier this year Chris Martin of rock band Coldplay, embarked on a crash
course in the economics of international trade by spending a week with Oxfam
in Haiti to promote the campaign to make global trade rules fairer for
poorer nations.

'After another long, bumpy drive which felt as if somebody was hitting you
on the bum with various types of rock, we went to another coffee co-op to
see men putting the coffee out to dry in the sun on concrete patios, and
women sorting the beans by hand, picking out the best quality ones for

This co-op was just three years old, and still very basic. The women told us
how they can't afford to send their children to school, or buy even basic
health-care. We also learned about a plague of insects that is destroying
the coffee crops, and it all seemed so bleak.

I've never seen anything like this before. I felt homesick. I just wanted to
retreat into my little bubble of being a pop star and worrying about my
reviews. I was talking to a guy at lunchtime and I said I didn't have any
solution to these problems, and he said, "Of course you don't. You're a
singer." And I thought, "You're right, what the hell am I doing here in a
bandana trying to look like Axl Rose?"

Full: http://www.fish.co.uk/campaign/trade/coldplay.html

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